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Discover the Essence of Pacific Northwest  Wines at 2120

At 2120, nestled in the heart of Seattle, we celebrate the rich wine heritage of Washington and Oregon. Did you know that Washington is the nation's second-largest wine producer? This fact is a source of pride for us, and it's reflected in our carefully curated wine selection.

Our wine list is a tribute to the Pacific Northwest, showcasing a diverse range of exceptional local wines. We embrace the philosophy that wine and cuisine are inseparable companions, especially when they share the same regional roots. This belief guides our selection, ensuring that each wine perfectly complements our dishes, elevating both the flavors on your plate and the experience in your glass.

Join us at 2120, where we offer more than just a meal – we offer a journey through the vineyards of the Pacific Northwest. Our collection of wines is a testament to our commitment to local excellence and a celebration of our region's bountiful harvest.

2120 6th Ave.

Seattle, WA 98121

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Dinner*: Mon - Sun: 4PM - 9PM


*We are currently open for dinner service & private lunches 

*Closing times listed are for last seating times for dinner

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