2120 P A R K I N G

  • On Weekends (all day) & Weekdays (4pm onward Mon-Fri), PARKING IS FREE, that's right, FREE!  

  • Because of the current COVID-19 situation, the convenient parking that we have for our guests is now available in the Amazon Doppler Building's parking garage, one block away from where 2120 is located (we are in Amazon's Day 1 Building, right beside the Spheres). 

  • The parking garage is located in the Amazon Doppler Building, on the east side of 6th Ave, in between Virginia St & Lenora St. There's also an entrance on the south side of Lenora St, in between 6th Ave & 7th Ave. 

  • There is ample underground parking, and the parking garage is very clean and secure.

    • When entering the parking garage, grab a parking ticket. You will use this ticket to exit the garage when you leave (again, no payment is necessary).

  • Once parked, do the following:

    • take the elevator up to level 1, then exit the building through the doors to the left of you.

    • 6th Ave will be a very short walk from the exit doors, at which point you will head north (toward the Space Needle), and take just a very short walk past the Spheres, where you will find the entrance to 2120.

2120 is a top restaurant in downtown Seattle