2120 P A R K I N G

  • On Weekends (all day) & Weekdays (4pm onward Mon-Fri), PARKING IS FREE, that's right, FREE!  

  • Convenient parking is available in the Amazon Day 1 Building's parking garage, where 2120 is located. 

  • The entrance to the garage is on the east side of 6th Ave, just before Blanchard Street.

  • There is ample underground parking, and the parking garage is very clean and secure.

  • Once parked, do the following:

    • take the elevator up to the ground level (Floor G), then exit the building through the doors in front of you

    • turn to your right and go up the stairs, or take the ramp that's next to the Spheres, and wrap around to the right of the building for a very short walk to our entrance, which is on 6th Ave.

2120 is a top restaurant in downtown Seattle