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2120: Where Cocktails Meet Culinary Artistry

In the bustling heart of downtown Seattle, 2120 stands not only as a top-tier restaurant, but also as a haven for cocktail enthusiasts. Our drink offerings are a celebration of innovation, showcasing the best of Washington State's seasonal ingredients.

Our bar is more than a place for drinks; it's a hub of creativity, where each cocktail is crafted with care and imagination. The synergy between our kitchen's flavors and our bar's creations is intentional and inspired, bringing a unique twist to each sip.

Join us at 2120, where the art of mixology is taken to new heights. Our cocktail menu, playful and inventive, invites you to explore the vibrant and dynamic world of modern mixology, deeply infused with local character and flair.

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2120 6th Ave.

Seattle, WA 98121

(click for map👉Right next to Amazon's Spheres)

Dinner*: Mon - Sun: 4PM - 9PM


*We are currently open for dinner service & private lunches

*Closing times listed are for last seating times for dinner

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